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Fighter Droids Input Lag Fix




Struggling to hit those infinites? Are your hadokens just a bit too slow? Just blame the cabinet! Up until now, Arcade1Up fighter cabs have been flawed with input lag resulting in a less than ideal gameplay experience for the true fighting game fan. Despite being aware of the issue, Arcade1Up has yet to release any sort of fix for these issues that now plague multiple android based fighter cabs. 

Today, that changes! Team Encoder is releasing the first public fix for input lag on Street Fighter: Big Blue, X-Men vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom Android based cabinets! This fix features an input driver built from the ground up to eliminate input lag on your cab and completely improve the gameplay experience in both offline AND online play. Like all of our releases, we provide an easy to follow application that will do the work for you. Just follow the instructions and enjoy.



  1. Micro USB cable
  2. Windows PC
  3. Fighter Droids application for your specific cabinet (see below)
  4. Patience and a brain

*Note: some users have reported issues when using Windows 11. It is recommended to use Windows 10 if you are having issues.


Thank you to our Youtuber supporters for testing the Fighter Droids release and making easy to follow content to follow along with for our users! Please check out the videos below to get an idea of how the installation process works.

OverThinkGaming - Big Blue

MadDadsGaming - X-Men Vs Street Fighter

MikeOfAllTrades - MVC

For big blue follow one of the above videos, due to recent controversy the bigblue tutorial has been removed.

Installation Tips

  1. Start with the cabinet powered off
  2. Plug in micro-usb cable to the PCB (Do not plug the other end into the PC yet)
  3. Open the software and click "Install Drivers"
  4. Click "Install to PCB"
  5. Wait for the software to prompt you to connect to the PCB, then plug in the USB cable to your PCB and turn the cabinet on
  6. Let the software process continue (it may take a while) and watch for it to prompt you to toggle the power switch. Immediately turn the power switch off then back on again.
  7. When the cabinet boots, you will get a prompt to all usb debugging. Use the joystick to navigate to the check box then press the player one start button to select it. Then navigate to the ok button with the joystick and press the player 1 start button again to click the button.
  8. Allow the software to finish up the installation and reboot the cabinet.
  9. When the software tells you you're done, then you can unplug and enjoy your lag free cabinet!

If you have any problems or if you accidentally disconnect the cable while it's installing or if it does not work... start over from step 1 and you will be fine. The key is making sure to unplug BOTH power and USB so that the PCB has no way of staying powered on prior to doing the modification.


Big Blue:

X-Men vs Street Fighter:

Marvel vs Capcom: