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Announcement: 4 player retroarch/other application (moonlight) support for the "Simpsons" / We'll do TMNT soon.


  • This will wipe out your cabinet if you have mods already they will be cleared and the cabinet will be reverted to stock, this is the only time we should need to do this future updates this should not be necessary.
  • This automatically enables ADB so you do not need to turn developer options on, despite the UI showing it as 'off'.
  • This does not include roms, cores for retroarch, emulators, a front-end or anything else, this is not to mod your cabinet you can use the standard methods already made available by the community to modify your cabinet and install retroarch, moonlight, N64 emulators etc. This simply makes 4 player controls work properly in these applications.


Not working: Track ball will work in bowling as expected, it will not work in other apps in this version.

Requirements: Windows PC or a PC with a Windows Virtual Machine, Micro USB cable, 7zip ( to extract our archive, Simpsons Cabinet, patience, and a brain.



1. Download the 7zip archive from above.
2. Extract the files to a director not on your desktop preferably.
3. Run MysteryDawsonExperience.exe
4. Run step 1 (Install Drivers) - if you've already done fighter droids in the past you don't need to do this step.
5. Run step 2 (Install SimpsonsControlFixToPCB)
6. Connect micro USB cable to microUSB port on your simpsons while it is powered OFF!
7. Turn your Simpsons on, if you hear the ding/it connecting to your PC and the application successfully verifies that it is indeed a simpsons PCB... continue.
8. Reboot when it says to
9. Install included retroarch "Retroarch_TEConfig.apk" for automatic control configurations (Some configurations are required still, like disabling overlay or setting a hotkey for bringing up the menu)... live button is bindable but only to player 1.

Fucked up?/Have no input? Re-install it, you'll start back from stock.