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It's a sad day but, we're leaving Mcap's corner arcade behind; we've outgrown it with our small channel for the original pinner support, to be honest, I never expected to grow into a team or continue to support any of this. The usage of discord at the time was a means to an end to get some people up off the ground and then the goals we had just kept growing as did our team.

With that so did the number of users of this modification, we could have never expected this many people to be interested in a mod for something like this. With that said we've surely outgrown Mcap's corner arcade so that we don't bother him or the folks over there anymore with the constant questions around our modifications be it pinball or something else. 

Thank you Mcap for letting us have a little spot in your corner for these pinball peeps!

We've created an official public discord for all things Team Encoder, that can be found here:



CJBuzzy Wed, 06/01/2022 - 19:39

It's sad to say goodbye to the little community you guys built over there, but it's a testament to what a great job you all have done.  I think I can speak for all us end users when I say I'm looking forward to what the future holds for Team Encoder and the Pinner mod.